Set fallback preferences for additional metadata languages

It’s a shame that Norwegian metadata language for TV shows still don’t work. Even if there is Norwegian metadata in TMDB, Infuse forces us to have the English version.

This has been discussed in this thread, which is now closed:

Will Firecore ever fix this? It’s obviously a bug, since Norwegian language is officially supported in Infuse. I know we are a small country and all, but still…

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Unfortunately, this issue stems from these being treated as 2 distinct languages on Apple TV. This also applies to other languages such as Portuguese and Chinese which also include sub-versions.

We have a few ideas for creating a tiered fallback system, but this is a bit involved and will take time to implement. For example, you could set a preference order such as: nb-NO, no-NO, en-US and Infuse would then try to fetch things in that order, if the first choice was not found.

I am moving this thread to suggestions and renaming it so we have a better place to track interest and progress of this feature

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I find it remarkable that the thread is moved to suggestions to track interest, when this is supposed to be something that is supported in Infuse. It’s really not a suggestion.

Now it seems that this applies not only to TV shows, but also to feature films.

For example, the movie “Teddybjørnens jul” (“Teddy’s Christmas”). It appears in Infuse with English metadata. When I try to change it to Norwegian manually, I see Norwegian metadata as it exists in TMDB, but as soon as the spinning wheel has finished, everything becomes English again.

Incredibly frustrating.