Set download location on macOS

Hey:) Love the app on mac os. I would love to have the option to chose the download location. Since my internal ssd is small, it is not convenient for large movies. I did try using Symbolic Links but did not have success. With Symlink I keep getting errors. If this feature could be added, I am sure it could please many!


Let’s say I download a file for offline viewing from a link that I add, where does Infuse store this folder? I would like to change this folder location to an external HDD if possible

The answer to the question to where:

Don’t know if you can change, if you can alias to the external drive using terminal, maybe? Haven’t tried

I might try using a symlink perhaps

Is there a way to change the directory where Infuse downloads the files?
I have already tried a sym link. Unfortunately, Infuse does not download. It would be nice if at least an error message was displayed.


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No there isn’t a way currently, that’s why this thread is in the suggestions area. The feature is being requested.

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Thank you for your reply.
Any idea why sym links are not working? That would be very helpful as a workaround.