Set download location on macOS

Hey:) Love the app on mac os. I would love to have the option to chose the download location. Since my internal ssd is small, it is not convenient for large movies. I did try using Symbolic Links but did not have success. With Symlink I keep getting errors. If this feature could be added, I am sure it could please many!


Let’s say I download a file for offline viewing from a link that I add, where does Infuse store this folder? I would like to change this folder location to an external HDD if possible

The answer to the question to where:

Don’t know if you can change, if you can alias to the external drive using terminal, maybe? Haven’t tried

I might try using a symlink perhaps

Is there a way to change the directory where Infuse downloads the files?
I have already tried a sym link. Unfortunately, Infuse does not download. It would be nice if at least an error message was displayed.


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No there isn’t a way currently, that’s why this thread is in the suggestions area. The feature is being requested.

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Thank you for your reply.
Any idea why sym links are not working? That would be very helpful as a workaround.

Insane that this is still not implemented nearly 2 years later, such a simple change to make and a huge problem for people with small MacBook internal SSDs like me

Yes please you have to make this possible!! Its frustrating with these small SSD……

while I agree that the functionality would be good, could you frig it by making a symlink for the directory and sending it to the external drive?

Symlinks don’t work, if you check my recent posts I wrote a script that does it through a mounted image

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ahh sorry then. it was just an idea.

I just tried the symlink method and it works for me 100% and super easy to do. No need for that script or anything else besides the following:

  1. Delete folder named “Infuse” in ~/Movies (i.e. [your username]/Movies, if it exists)
  2. Navigate to your desired download location (e.g. folder on external drive)
  3. In that location, create folder, name it “Infuse”
  4. Open Terminal
  5. Type the following: ln -s [path to new Infuse folder] ~/Movies
    *Note: easiest way to enter the path is to simply drag the newly created folder onto the Terminal window
  6. Press Enter
  7. Open Infuse, download a video
  8. The video should now be downloaded to your preferred location

I’m no expert at Terminal but I’ve used symlinks and hardlinks before and it seems quite easy to do. Good luck!

While it may seem easy to you it’d still be much easier if it was just an option in Infuse which this suggestion is requesting. If you would like to support that suggestion don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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Totally agree, it would be great and likely not too difficult to add this feature to the software. I just provided a workaround, but they’re never ideal.

Plex has the exact same problem, but worse. I’m using Infuse because Plex’s native macOS app can’t handle 4K smoothly, nor can it handle some DoVi profiles.

You sure it works? When I tried it Infuse would load the files but it couldn’t play them, had to use an image instead

Yep, def works, just tested it before writing my instructions above. Were you able to follow them?