Set audio language, subtitles, and aspect ratio for complete series

Of course, I am familiar with all these programs :slight_smile: mkvtoolnix, etc. You can remove unnecessary tracks, change the order, etc. But it seems to me, that for an infuse it is much easier to do this :slight_smile: And such reproduction is logical.

True, but I guess it depends on how long you are willing to wait for this to come to infuse. With those tools you can make the changes today, whereas you might wait weeks, months, who knows how long before infuse may end up getting the feature that you want added :man_shrugging:t3:

So far, you have to constantly select the desired track in each episode. :man_shrugging: I hope the developers listen to me and make changes. :slight_smile: It’s not difficult at all :slight_smile:

Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

Hello. I am a new Infuse 7 user and very positively impressed, after many years using Plex and PMS.

I’m having the same issue (or very similar) this thread is about. I think that Infuse needs a way to select the default audio/subtitle tracks (or languages, maybe) for an entire series. For example, I prefer to watch some series (all episodes) using English audio with English subtitles, other series with English audio with Spanish subtitles, other series with Spanish audio (when there is a good Spanish dubbing)…

Not everyone likes to watch all their video content using the same language or subtitles. For movies only a one-shot change is required, but for series, having to make the changes for every episode is a real pain.

Greetings people! This is my very first post here, so i’ll try to make it as clear as possible. Before I proceed to the suggestion itself, i’d like to thank each and everyone who’s involved in development of Infuse - this player is ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE!

Few more words before I cut to the point: I personally use version five of Infuse PRO at the moment, because I have an earlier model of Ipad, but I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts, and i hope this feature can be found useful to other infuse users too.

So, here’s what I suggest - Infuse is pretty much international, it has many users in many countries, I mean I am from Russia myself, so let me explain what I mean when I say “Global settings” - I watch many shows in many languages - english, spanish, danish, japanees, ect, oftenly with subtittles, so I think it would be nice if you could choose prefered audio track/subtittle track and let Infuse REMEMBER those settings until you move on to the next show, and so on. If possible, of course. I think this can be extremely useful for show that have many subtittles and languages - the kind of ones that are on Netflix, for example. This way you can watch content continuosly without having to go to settings of each episode and choose prefered ones from there. It’s like, you set them just once per show, right on the show page, for example, in the same place where “delete” button is. I don’t know if Infuse 6 already has this feature, and if it has, then just ignore this topic, but if not, I know that though I don’t use infuse 6 (yet), I would very much love to see something like this in the future versions (which I’ll definitely buy as soon as I can).

Edited. Shortly: I suggest choosing favorite audio/bubtittle track right in the show menu through special button, or sub menu, instead of going to app settings everytime, and changing language from there. And then let Infuse remember those settings until you change it for the next show. Examples for assumable button placement are here and here

Anyway, there it is. Thanks for having me and have a good day! :slight_smile:


I have some titles with 2-3-5 audio. For example I like second track, not default. I start title and choose second track. When next episode starts I need to set audio track again. And so on.
Is it possible to lock audio for all episodes?

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this function in the suggestions forum.

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I think it would be helpful to be able to set the aspect ratio and zoom settings for a whole season of a show.

At the moment each episode has to be set individually. That can get extremely tedious with 26-episode seasons! I think it would be easier if the settings could be applied to a whole season, or even a whole show, at once.


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I know we can select default language of audio, but I watch anime and it got subtitles which has signs/songs and other has dialogue. Both are English so whatever was selected as default in metadata it will select that. I prefer to select a specific subtitles/audio track by right click to make it default for whole season (whatever is playing up next)

This has been added in today’s 7.3.8 update.

After updating to 7.3.8, you can adjust playback settings when playing an episode in a season.

Those settings will then be retained when you play other episodes from the same season.

If you’re using Infuse Pro, these settings will sync via iCloud and will available on other devices.


How or where to enable this setting?

There isn’t actually an on/off switch for this.

After updating to 7.3.8, the settings will be retained automatically the next time they are changed during playback.

Ah this is such a great feature for me! Thanks for making the app even better

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