Server/Storage Solutions

So for the past year or so I’ve been using Infuse with just an external harddrive plugged into my router. The setup has been working just fine, but with me adding more and more 4K/HDR content, I’m finding that the USB 3 port on my router is hardly achieving USB 2 speeds so I’m getting a ton of buffering issues on 4K content.

Ultimately I’d go for a standard NAS solution, but I’m not looking to drop that amount of cash right now and I still have 4TB free on my external drive–I’d rather fill that and upgrade to a NAS later down the road (it’s taken me ~2 years to fill 4TB of the 8TB).

So in the meantime, I’m looking for a cheap solution to get my media to Infuse. I think all I need is a middle man between the router and the external drive that can actually achieve USB3 speeds. Would a Raspberry Pi be powerful enough? I’m assuming I won’t need anything beefy since Infuse will be handling any transcoding on the AppleTV, right? Could I possibly just get an older generation Mac Mini from eBay and use that? I guess I’m just unsure how powerful the middle device needs to be. I should mention that I’m a laptop-only house, so I don’t have an existing 24/7 machine to attach the drives to or else I wouldn’t have this issue!

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