Server: Plex v Samba

Currently I’m running Plex on a Raspberry Pi, and connecting to it via the Plex app on the Amazon Fire TV stick, and via Infuse on my iPhone and iPad.

I’ve had a significantly better experience using Infuse. I really like the visuals and support for formats has been flawless.

Pretty soon, I’d like to replace the Fire TV stick with an Apple TV and run Infuse.

My question is, will it be better to share as a Samba share from the Pi, or stick to Plex?

Am I correct in thinking that Infuse isn’t using Plex’s database? And if so, is it stored in the cloud? I’m using the paid/subscription version.

Right now SMB is a much better option, as it will be more flexible.

The upcoming 5.7 update will include an all-new native Plex integration, which will be much better than the current DLNA based integration.

IMO using NFS is much better/faster than SMB (if you have the option to use NFS…).

That’s really interesting. I’m not familiar with it, but a quick Google suggests that it would be compatible with my set-up. What are the advantages with it in your experience?

Also, I would be expecting to be sharing a TV/film library of maybe 1500 items. Will I be okay buying the 32GB model of the Apple TV?

When i changed from SMB to NFS, I would say my movie library is loading 3-4 times faster. It also fixed a slight random stutter when playing large movie files.

I have the 32GB ATV 4K and approx. 600 movies and TV series.

As far as I know, all movie data is stored on iCloud or loaded on the fly, so nothing (or very little) is stored in the ATV.

Raspberry Pi doesn’t support full gigabit ethernet, its a shared usb bus. This has been a widely known con of the unit. Even the new one can only hit 300mbs Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on sale now at $35 - Raspberry Pi

Its a meager NAS if you start collecting 4K material.

I use NFS as well, and for the short time I was using SMB when my NAS died it was excruciatingly slow doing the library updates. Replacement NAS is in place and back to much faster library scraping. But the next 5.7 update with Plex integration should be faster than both updating the library.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong (if anything) but I never managed to get great performances via NFS. Not using my MacBook Pro as a NFS server, nor with my Zyxel NAS (and I have been configuring NFS shares since 1992…). Again, I get the best performances with DLNA and webDAV (my favourite). Then the fastest one streaming is the Plex server to a Plex client. As long as the audio/video is supported. Otherwise it’s a mess.

Strange? I have always had significant speed increases when switching from SMB to NFS, both on ATV and other media streamers (mede8er, AC Ryan, Dune, etc…) i have used throughout the years.
I have always used Synology NAS’s.

NFS is especially superior when reading small/medium sized files (like scanning the movie libraries) and it puts less load on the server CPU. When it comes to large files (like the movies themselves), the difference between NFS and SMB isn’t that big.

Any ETA for 5.7?

Same! In infuse I get the best data throughput with Plex DLNA with high bit 4K videos, with Smb anything over 70 mb/s bit rate end up buffering every 2 minutes. Even when using mrmc built in Plex client I get no buffering on high bit vids. My network setup seems to get the best result when connecting to my Plex server. I wonder why this would be! always thought smb would be the opposite of Plex because Of the direct connection to my files with no overhead, which I thought the Plex server would have.

That is a good point, though it seems it’s possible to get ~200mbs when using a USB-to-Gigabit adapter.

When it comes to high througputs (for me >50mbps), it just looks like Infuse does not work well with neither nfs nor smb. Only dlna (and webdav).

I have tested it again yesterday, and apparently via NFS, with the client being my MBP wired, my NAS goes in full iowait. Then I tested via WiFi, where the throughput is obviously lower (200Mbps via SMB) and via NFS I have got 120Mbps max, via webDAV writing was in the middles. The command top on my NAS showed some 20-30% of idle time. I have no clue what is going on, I have been researching this issue for months, even opened a Bug Report with Apple when using the MBP as NFS/SMB server (which they just closed as a “third party problem”…).

Hmm, does sound like an Apple issue…