Serious weirdness for metadata from The Clone Wars Season 7

Hi all,
Both aTV4 and iOS versions of v6.4 are exhibiting strangeness when viewing information of episodes from Season 7 of Star Wars - The Clone Wars. Problems exhibited are airdates of 1 Jan 1970 shown and episode names replaced with “Episode 7.7” and then back to the proper name. And cast member names repeatedly duplicated.
Anyone else?

Maybe try a refresh? Thetvdb looks fine atm.

Done twice. No change. And I checked thetvdb as well and all looked fine.

OK. Worked it out. Infuse does not cope well with missing information and mis-displays or corrupts other metadata in the process.
The culprit is The Clone Wars S07E06 which has been added to with no director or writer. E01 to E05 have all the right data. E06 onwards have missing data.
So an Infuse bug in how it handles missing source metadata.

It could be the thetvdb api doesn’t return them if incomplete and not infuse fault

True. It could be an API issue as well. I shouldn’t be too quick to point fingers.

Deleted Infuse. Loaded up everything fresh. TVOS13.4 Infuse 6.4. Same behaviour. Oh well. Suppose I just live with it. Not affecting anything else.

Have verified as a TVDB issue. Problem solved after metadata reload.

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