Serious bugs in 6.2.3 (2848)

Hi Guys,

I’ve got auto-updated to the most recent version a week or so ago and my experience has been quite miserable both on iOS and on tvOS. I could really use a little help.

iOS bugs:

  • While reorganising the UI elements I have removed both “Unwatched” and “Recently Added” from the “Other” category / tab. This has removed the categories from all categories,

This is really bad UI / UX design. If you have separate tabs where you can define separate orders for each, it’s reasonable to expect that they are treated separately (and they should be). If you remove one element under one tab, the rest of the tabs should remain untouched.

  • When I hit the “Reset to Defaults” button underneath to restore, nothing happened at all.

This is a simple bug, I assume you guys will know where to look.

  • Removed the last “All” filter from all categories, hoping that it will reset itself to default, but instead I ended up with no filters at all and my library now doesn’t show any of my videos.

Again, bad UI / UX. I assume if the reset button would work this would be a somewhat better situation, but the fact that you allow users to get into limbo means that this whole feature needs a serious rethinking. The last remaining element shouldn’t be removable or if all filters are removed, all contents should be displayed in the app instead of nothing. Who would want to “not see” any of their videos? :slight_smile:

  • Removing all metadata and re-scanning, uninstalling the application and then reinstalling does not fix the issue, and I can’t reinstate these filters.

Again, I believe a working reset button would help with this, but for now I’ll need you to provide some sort of a workaround.

tvOS bugs:

  • Different TV Series, that have been displayed properly earlier are now merged into an ‘unknown’ category. Within this category there are Season 1, Season 5 and Season 6 subfolders. These season folders are made up of videos from the matching seasons of different series, all mixed up. That is, Season 6 of Series A and Season 6 of Series B are both stored in the Season 6 subfolder. The image is randomly selected from one season or an other.

Any help, fix, workaround would be much appreciated. As well as some extra QA work for the next release…. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the trouble.

The reordering home screen option is getting a number of improvements for the upcoming 6.2.4 release, which should be available soon. If you want to re-add categories in the current version, you can follow the steps found here. Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

With regard to TV shows, it seems you may be seeing some residual effects from TheTVDB outage from November. To resolve this, simply use the Edit Metadata option on an episode from one of the affected series, and Infuse will automatically get things reorganized for you.

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Hi James,

Thanks for your help! I’ve managed to recover pretty much everything.


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