Series visual in Infuse

Hello !

Sorry for my english, it’s not my language :slight_smile:

I have a question concerning the visual of the series. I use a NAS and there’s a folder for each serie (all the files of all the seasons of a serie are in the same serie folder)

My problem is that when I navigate, some series have a folder logo with the name (when there’s more than 1 season) and some series have a cover of the serie (when there’s only 1 season). The « folder series » are first, and the « cover series » are after the folders … and they are not classified together in alphabetical order. I join a screenshot.

How can I unify those series in one (with covers it would be better) ?

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Have you tried using the Library (via main home screen or search/browse tab) to access your shows? Generally, this will provide a much better browsing experience for TV shows as it will display artwork at all levels (series, season, and episode).

I manage my videos in the same way you do, as the Library never works for me. You will have to do some manual work to make it display properly.

To fix your blank folder art, then you need to download your own cover art and then save it as “folder.jpg” in each relevant folder.

To fix the alphabetical order issue then you need to make sure you arrange your sub folders correctly.

If a series contains only one series, and you don’t include a sub folder, then it will be out of order in the folder list.
eg (This is wrong):

– folder.jpg
– Westworld S01E01
– Westworld S01E02

To keep the folder in the right alphabetical order you either have to include multiple series, or a sub folder,
e.g. (Single Series):

– folder.jpg (series cover art)
– Series 1
– -- Westworld S01E01.mkv
– -- Westworld S01E02.mkv

eg (Multiple Series):

– folder.jpg
– Westworld S01E01.mkv
– Westworld S01E02.mkv
– Westworld S02E01.mkv
– Westworld S02E02.mkv

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: