series put in Folders

I’m playing my series using my synology NAS and Infuse.
Each serie is put in a folder.
When i start infuse i can see the folders list and after opening the folder the episodes.
a new season of Colony has started. on the nas the new episode has been downloaded in the folder called Colony, but when i start infuse there is no folder colony visible and the episode is at the end of a list of folders.
Why is the folder not visible and the episode not seen in this folder.
Whats different, because it used to be oke

It is due to a ‘feature’ that if a folder contains only a single video file it is treated as though it is the video file and not a folder. So this will correct itself when you get the 2nd episode and it will once again behave like a normal folder.

This feature is primarily intended for people who keep films in individual folders.

I was afraid that that was te reason

Maybe we should raise a feature request that this not be done for video files that inFuse has recognised as being TV episodes?

that would be a great idea
You were right by the way. I’ve downloaded an older episode of Colony and voila