Series Poster not showing

When adding some Tv Shows the show is identified and when I click in it all the seasons have posters, plus the episodes have everything. But at the main screen when selecting shows it just shows the grey box with a folder. I tried editing the show and selecting it manually but it still doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Make sure that all the seasons are in subfolders named “Season 1”, “Season 2” etc.

I had some season folders call “Show Name Season 1” and was getting the same problem you describe.

Thank you… I was having the same problem…

Well seems like that didn’t fix it.

I was also having this problem until I switched from DLNA to SMB. SMB is way slower but at least it displays all the artwork.

I am using smb but still no joy

I had a couple of minor errors in the file naming here and there which threw the whole season off. As soon as I corrected them and rescanned the metadata they appeared correctly.

I ran the whole series through Filbot and they are all named correctly.

Showname S01E01

The seasons all load correctly inside the Show itself but on the top level of the app it doesn’t.

Have you got them in season folders.?

->Game Of Thrones
----> Season 1
------>Game Of Thrones - S01E01
------>Game Of Thrones - S01E02
----> Season 2
------>Game Of Thrones - S02E01
------>Game Of Thrones - S02E02

Etc… Etc…

Season folders was the thing that i was doing wrong…


The file structure I’m using is

…/Season 01
…/Arrow S01E01.mp4

Just to show what I’m seeing I uploaded some pics to imgur

Just looking at your photo, Try taking the (2012) out of the name and the “0” out of the “01” in the series folder

That seems to have fixed it. I didn’t even think about that. Thank you so much for your help.

I have covers for series folders, but for main folder tv show name, there is only folder icon. I would like to get cover for Arrow folder for example. Covers inside Arrow folder are ok.

----> Season 1
------>Arrow - S01E01
------>Arrow - S01E02
----> Season 2
------>Arrow - S02E01
------>Arrow - S02E02

Etc… Etc…

Same here.

I tried to follow the exact specifications.

My TV show folder is structured this way :

TV Shows/
→ ShowName/
→ Season 1/
—> ShowName S01E01.mkv
—> ShowName S01E02.mkv
→ Season 2/
—> ShowName S02E01.mkv
—> ShowName S02E02.mkv

When I browse the ShowName folder, I can see the Season folders without any info or thumbnail (like regular folders), and when I go inside the folders the episodes start getting metadata-matches with the proper info, and end up into one group “Show Name Season 1” with proper info and episodes lists.

It’s not working the way I want … I have

  • Raw ShowName folder > Raw Season Folder > Matched Season Group > Episodes list

I want :

  • Matches ShowName Group (or folder with picture) > Matched Season Group > Episode list

How can you achieve that ? Do you need to use folder.jpg assets manually for the Show folders ? Can you keep the season folders ?

We need proper specs here…

edit: After much cussing I got SMB running on Windows 10 (involved some regedit tweak, a list permissions issue, and creating a new userid and sharing to it specifcally)

So, once I logged into SMB instead of UPNP things magically starting working as expected - almost.

IF and only IF I created a folder.jpg image for a main folder the seasons would auto-magically sort themselves into pretty Icons that contain all the episodes. I didn’t even need to be too strict with the naming structure. However nothing I did made the master folder auto-populate an image. Only the seasons would become the pretty versions auto-magically.

It’s close enough for me, and makes the experience pretty darn close to ideal for browsing my old media files.

old post below

I can not figure this out.

For example, I have tried
Folder name: Aquarius
SubFolder: Season 1
File name: Aquarius.S01E01.mkv

I’ve tried the above with Aquarius - S01E01.mkv

I’ve tried the above changing the title to Aquarius (2015) in both areas.

I’ve tried the above changing the root folder to Aquarius (2015) and the file to Aquarius.2015.S01E01.mkv

I’ve tried restarting both devices. I’ve tried deleting the cached meta data. turning on and off the file meta data.

Nothing works. All I ever get is a generic folder, a generic sub folder for season,and under that, it scans and groups all episodes correctly – regardless of name format.

I also tried addting a folder.jpg to the season folder, and a named one to the folder above. That doesn’t work either.

My feet are squishy from bug goo.

I’m using the native file sharing from Windows 10 uPNP connection.

Does this only work over SMB or something? at a lower encryption? Why?

edit: Also all these items are ‘unknown series’.

I am having the same problem.

All my series where recognized and artwork is right. I am only having a problem with these:

  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield (inside the folder all cycles are recognized and artwork shown, but outside I only see a grey folder with no artwork)
  • House of Cards (inside the folder all cycles are recognized and artwork shown, but outside I only see a grey folder with no artwork)
  • Hawaii Five-0 (nothing recognized not even inside the folder)

Everything is correctly named and the names of the series are copied straight out of thetvdb.

Another problem is that when I try to edit a file to show it to the correct metadata, I get very few tv show results. for example I do not get any result for Hawaii no matter what I type. Just movie results.

Thanks for the patience (new user as you can tell)

I had the same issue with Da Vinci’s Demons…
The ’ was missing in the episode names, which seemed to throw everything off.

Make sure the folder title and the showname is a 100% match - Both to each other but also in regards to since that’s where the info get’s matched against.

I Have done that already with no result unfortunately…

I FINALLY managed to get everything to have artwork!

HINT: To get the outer folder get the artwork, it should be named EXACTLY as the files.

Example: Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S01E01 the folder of the show should be named Hawaii Five-0 2010

Otherwise it will not get the artwork on the outside of the folder!

I was able to fix the other 2 shows I was missing artwork from the same way