series poster missing on TV series view

Hi there

I have an small issue that I can’t figure out with TV series poster.
The poster appears in the main view (with movies, recently added, watching etc…) but when I go to the TV series tab, it shows a generic grey icon of a folder. I have 3 other series that display the correct poster but one will not show the poster.
I have tried adding a jpg in the folder, it doesn’t help. The embedded metadata option is off.

What really baffles me is that it found the correct poster for the main menu. Any suggestions?

When you click into the folder in the TV series tab, does it show another folder with the correct artwork?

nope, there’s no subfolder. All the files are directly inside the folder, I checked for hidden files too. If I open the folder in the TV series view, I see the poster on the right side of the screen with the description of the series and all the episodes as thumbnails at the bottom. everything works except the poster in the TV series view. Very strange

What’s the exact name of the folder used for the TV series? I’ve found I sometimes get a blank grey icon when there is not an exact match to, even though all the episodes get the correct metadata and artwork.

thanks for the suggestion. I’ve just checked the tvdb and matched the name but it’s still not showing. It’s ok, I’m giving up now. It’s the only series that has this problem and only in the TV series menu so really not a big deal. It must be a one off. Maybe something to do with my local data on Apple TV, and I don’t want to reset it.
Thanks for the help!

Please check the folder where the series is stored

It should be like attached


fanart.jpg is the image shown in main screen (your img_2752.jpg)
poster.jpg is the image shown in tv series tab
season01-poster.jpg would be shown in tv series tab in case you have organized files in subfolders per season for season 1

I guess poster.jpg is missing (or one of the season posters)
You can add them manually :slight_smile:

The names of the files are important

Please check

Or use Plex Server . In that case Plex can be used to easily maintain metadata

After you have matched the name, refresh the metadata via the edit function. It won’t necessarily do it by itself.

thanks all.

I have tried adding the poster manually and following the subfolder method, checked the spelling etc… but none of these options worked. I use the refresh button on the main menu after each change, next to the settings cog.
I even moved the whole folder out of the location, refreshed, then moved it back and refreshed again. It’s just not showing the poster in the TV series screen.
No worries. No need to spend any more time on this. The other pages are working fine so it’s really not a problem.

Thanks everyone!

Quick question.

Are you browsing your shows via the pink TV shows icon on the home screen, or through an orange favorite/folder icon?

Overriding TV show artwork is only available when using the library, which is accessed through the orange Library icon, blue Movies icon, or pink TV shows icon.

I’ve noticed the same thing happening recently. All of a sudden 2 different series’ posters have disappeared defaulting to a random screen capture as well as a random entire season disappearing (not on PMS, only in Infuse) for two other series. Both problems can be fixed by simply long pressing the series and selecting “refresh metadata.” However it is usually only a few days until the same issues with the same series happen again.

This happens to ER tv show for me. Plex back end with Atv 4K and latest infuse app. I get generic folders that I have to click through to get the show. Show art shows up fine on episodes.

This is what happens to me – do you have a solution for this? Thanks!