Series not shown correctly

I have a problem with some of the children’s series. The series are all captured, as the rest of my other series. But Duck Tales e.g. Infuse does not show me any seasons and the episodes are not sorted and listed randomly under “other”.

Could you provide an example of how you have one of the files that is not working named?

Also it appears that the group in the center and bottom picture are set for local metadata so unless you have your own embedded metadata you should probably turn that off for those items.

Files named “Duck Tales 2017 s01e01.mkv” or “Duck Tales s01e01.mkv” for the old tv show.

How can I turn off local metadata for those groups?

The instructions for this can be found here toward the bottom. :wink:

It looks like you may have a favorite “kinderserien” that is set for local metadata and if you turn it off for that favorite it should get the correct metadata and display.

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It’s working. Thank you!

But why it’s Not working with local Meta data when everything is scrapped?

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If you tag a folder to use local metadata, any metadata fetched from online sources will be removed and info from inside the files will be used instead. This is generally used for things like home videos as you don’t want Infuse trying to match these with online sources.

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