Series DVD ISO naming format


Love the inclusion of ISO files. Is there a special naming convention for DVD’s that contain multiple episodes of a series. For example disc 1 might contain episodes 1-3, disc 2 contain episodes 4-6 etc.

How do you get Infuse to read these properly?


This isn’t available yet, but is something we are working to include in a future update.

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Until that is resolved, what is the proper naming for a 3 disc TV series to be seen as TV? Right now it’s not recognizing the iso as a tv show, only movie for metadata.

Name it like the first episode, e.g. Showname - S01E01. Then it will get the metadata of this episode and show.
There is another topic concering this. Maybe in a future update namings like Showname - S01E01-E03 will be possible.

I support request for this feature too.


Basically none of my TV .isos were recognized based on name and even if they are, they won’t be handled correctly until this is fixed… please fix this!

Me too!