Series context menu not displaying

I’ve just updated to 7.4.3.

On iOS, I can now long press on a TV Series poster to access a context menu, where I can see the new “mark as unwatched” option.

But I’m not seeing a context menu on AppleTV. When I long press on a TV Series poster, the poster animates but no context menu appears. If I long press on a Season poster, the context menu does appear correctly.

Is this a bug?

On what screen and where (in a list, or favorite, etc) are you seeing this? I just checked on the home screen testing on the TV shows recently added list and I get the menu with mark as watched and unwatched for the TV shows.

Which ATV do you have? By chance the new ATV4K (new remote)?


I’m in: Library → TV Shows → All TV Shows

It doesn’t work in Recently Added or Unwatched either.

And yes, new Apple TV 4K 2021 with new remote. I’ve tried the AppleTV remote, my Logitech Harmony remote, and the iOS Remote function on my iphone, none of them work.

Are you by any chance running the tvOS 16 beta?

If not it may be a difference between the two remotes (old ATV with touch surface vs new ATV remote with wheel)

Mine works on all of the locations you mentioned with the original touch surface remote on the ATV4K gen 1.


No I’m on the latest tvOS 15.

I appreciate the advice, thanks. But then why wouldn’t it be working with my iPhone Remote app? Or my universal remote?

The contextual menu works fine for Seasons, with all these remotes.

I’m just trying to eliminate the differences. I know that both beta 16 and the new ATV have had strange issues their predecessors didn’t.

Just another one that makes ya scratch your head and go hmmmmmm. :man_shrugging:

Maybe @james will have another thought on this.

Since you’re a beta tester, if you have time could you see if it still does this on the beta RC for 7.4.3? That may help narrow down the time frame.

Edit to add: One other thought, did you try restarting the ATV since you found the problem?


It seems to be fixed in the 7.4.4 beta!

Apologies, I should’ve tested that first!

Thanks for all the help.


Edit: I misread — and this statement is wrong.
Definitely must be the tvOS 16 thing,

because I’m on tvOS 15 and 7.4.3 and that feature works as expected everywhere you mentioned.

Glad the beta has you fixed up.

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I thought that may be the case but not here.

@FLskydiver are you using the new ATV remote with the wheel or the older one with the touch surface?

Oops! I misread.

I use a Harmony on my living room TV, and either an Apple 4K remote (the older one I never liked, no jog wheel) or my TV’s (Vizio) remote in my bedroom.

Just tested it, and my iPhone Remote App also works. (Still on 7.4.3)

Yup, I did the same, I’m wondering if the OPs install of the 7.4.3 update got borked from Apple or possibly still an issue with the 2nd gen ATV4K. Either way their back in operation so all is good.

So far… LOL


I reinstalled 7.4.3, and it still doesn’t work. But it works in both beta 1 and beta 2 of 7.4.4. No idea why, just happy it’s working!

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