Series and movies in "Other" section?


I just bought ATV Flash so I’m pretty new at this.

However, I have all my series and movies on a Time Capsule which I’ve been able to add to the “media” section. My problem is that a lot of the movies and series end up in the “other” section, and not in either “movies” nor “series”, even though they are in the same folder as the other media that has been read correctly.

How do I fix this?

I had a bunch of these files too when I first setup media player. It was mostly due to the naming conventions and media player using the folder name instead of the file name. My suggestion is to take a look at the metadata help ( and the TV db titles ( Search for your show and make sure it’s named the same.

Thanx for your reply!

I don’t think thats the problem though, the naming. All my episodes are named the same:

Name of series > Season # > Show.Name.###.<anything>.extension

However, when I go into “My files” and then my time capsule to browse for the tv-show that is not being added as a TV show, it automatically collects the metadata for the episodes. But the name of the episode is just to name of the TV-show. But for the series that has been added correctly, the name of the episode is in fact the name of the episode.

So for example, when I go to Dexter season 4 episode 2, it’s just named “2. Dexter”. And not “2. Name of episode”. Why is this?


So you have a folder and file like…


Dexter/Season 1/Dexter.S01E01.mp4


Or another extension…


Try to rename your Movies and series with FileBot ( I had the same problem, and after renaming, all was fine. Hope i could help, and sorry for bad english  :slight_smile:


Thanks, this helped clean-up my “other” even further. I also used it to rename a bunch of files to make the cleaner, even though Media Player still picked them up.