Series and Mini Series Clashing, Metadata not helping

I have The Stand Mini Series 1994 and The Stand Series 2020. I understand that I need to use S01E01 to help get Metadata. I can get the Metadata to show for both series, but I cannot get the Metadata for the 1994 version unless I name the episodes as S01E01 - S01E04. The 2020 Series is named similar but goes up to Episod 9. The Problem I have is because the 2 different series use the same numbering for the first 4 episodes and share the same name, when I add metadata for the 2020 seies, then the 1994, the system somehow links the first 4 episodes in the 2020 series to the 1994 series. So if I play the first 4 episodes of the 2020 series, it is actually the 1994 episodes, the original 4 episodes seem to just vanish. If I rename the 1994 series to only episode names, it doesn’t show “The Stand 1994” in the metadata search list. What can I do to get metadata for these. I hope I made sense. Thank you.

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This is one of those rare cases where the year is needed in the file name to grab the right metadata.
Try this for the 1994 version
The Stand 1994

And this for the 2020 series
The Stand 2020 names

Note the series folder has the 2020 in it as well as each episode file name. :wink:

Hello, thank you for replying. I am unable to see the full file name, could you please post just 1 line from each series and I can continue to edit as required. Thanks so much

For the 1994 series
The Stand S01E01.mkv

For the 2020 series

The Stand 2020 S01E01.mkv

Don’t forget to change the series folder name to “The Stand 2020” for the 2020 series also.

Your file names can have anything else AFTER the S01E01 and before the .mkv and it will still work like “The Stand 2020 S01E01 The End 720p my rip.mkv”

I also have a problem with Farscape The Peacekeeper wars movie. I have a version that is 1 fiull movie, it is not in a folder, but the system cannot locate anything under the search of Farscape or The Peacekeeper Wars, but I do have the full series which has all metadata. Thanks

It appears that Farscape The Peacekeeper wars was originally a 2 episode season of Farscape.

It would be broken down to two episodes.

Farscape S05E01.mkv
Farscape S05E02.mkv.

If you have the two combined you will probably want to split it into the two episodes to get the metadata to work right.

I have edited the files accordingly and the folders. I am able to fetch the metadata for each of each series. The problem now is, if I edit metadata for the 1994 series, then do the metadata for the 2020 series, it then overwrites the metadata for the 1994 and visa versa. They continue to interfere with each other.

Here are a couple of screenshots. You can see the directory of how I named the folders at the top. Can I do anyhting else to make this work? They still seem to be getting confused.

YAY! I have it working thanks to all your help @NC_Bullseye
Both series shows the correct number of episodes and images. They also now updated the cover picture and are also available in the TV Shows section. Thank ou for your help. I used the following format as you suggested

The Stand, Season 01, The Stand S01E01 The Plague 1994
The Stand 2020, Season 01, the.stand.2020.s01e01.the.end

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You can try taking the 1994 off the series folder. That may be the issue.

Congrats! Glad you got it working like you wanted.

Those TV series that have the same name can be a pain at times but it’s workable. :+1:

Did you end up with the series folder “Children of Dune” and the episodes “Children of Dune S01E01.mkv” and so on? :wink:

You can always look at TVDB to get any clues as to if there’s a caveat in the names for troublesome series.

For movies you would use TMDB

Yes I did, thank you. I searched Children of Dune and found that it was a follow on series from the 2000 mini series, so I named it Season 2 and edited the files accordingly and it updated instantly. I fixed Babylon 5 Crusade up too. I’ve learned a lot from your help today. I no longer have any movies / series that are missing any important information. I absolutely love the way Infuse implements everything. Because I have such a huge movie collection, it helps having a app/program that can keep track of what’s been watched. Thank you for your help today :smiley:

Happy to help! Glad you’re getting things set up the way you like and while it may be a little work at first, you get used to the format and it’s so easy to add things or fix the occasional troublesome item.

Enjoy and if you have any other issues feel free to ask. :+1:

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