Serie not showing becourse of Metadata

Hi all,

Ik got i think a strange problem,  i got the serie The Vampire Diaries and Revenge but it wil nog showup in the library 

other series no problem but this 2 i can scan for metadata but it dussent help, does anyone know what I’m doing wrong ?

i checkt the name and its must be correct… 




I think the question in hand is, what is the correct way to name the video files and or folders to make them show up for play listing as a TV series?

You may need to change the content type for your TV Shows folder as described here:

If that doesn’t solve it, you may try correcting metadata as described here: This guide also has a few suggestions on naming your TV shows to ensure they get picked up correctly on the ATV.

tnx for the fast answers, i put some screenshots with the message, becourse why must i change the folders of names ?

becourse i think metadate must find it ?.

and the other series also work (fine this way)



PS: pictures are take from my linux laptop for example folders on the nas