Serie grouping


I did a search in the forum & user guides, but didn’t find anything. Sorry if it was already discussed somewhere.

I use Infuse on my iPhone and on my AppleTV with an SMB share.

I very appreciate the series grouping that Infuse do when it detects such type of content (you know, it presents a summary of the series on a dedicated view, and give you a fast episode selector).

My problem is that I don’t see this feature on my AppleTV. Is it a setting I missed somewhere ? Or it’s just not a feature available on AppleTV for now (and in this case, is it planned to add it ?)

Thank you.

This will be available on the Appel TV as well, though it looks a bit different. In essence, Infuse will group episodes from each season into a single details page, listing the details in the upper area, and a list of episodes (with thumbnails) below.

Great ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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