Separate Metadata

After reading a “solution” for the messed-up covers issue (most of mine were missing!), I followed the suggestion of “clearing all the metadata”.

This has really set me back. I had no idea it would delete subtitles, timing adjustments to subtitles and erase all the title corrections I’ve had to add, over time! This is hugely disappointing and frustrating!

In the first place, subtitles are not metadata. Metadata describes information about something.

Second, there should be separate options to clear data.

The options should be something like this:

  • Clear all covers
  • Clear all title corrections
  • Delete all subtitles
  • Delete everything

Each should have a warning and confirmation.


Furthermore, before the update, I didn’t seem to have any trouble with titles formatted this way:

Fifth Element, The

After losing all my subtitles and corrections, I also noticed that the system had a lot of trouble with these. Not only does it not identify them but it doesn’t even give me a proper suggestion when I go to edit. So, in this example “Edit metadata” wouldn’t even suggest “The Fifth Element (1997)” but I would have to manually enter “Fifth Element” to get the title.

If you go to TMDb and do that search it returns nothing, thus infuse will return nothing. I would recommend calling your file either “Fifth Element” or “Fifth Element (1997)”