Separate metadata language and the age rating

I’m currently using Synology NAS with Infuse pointing directly into it.
I know that when you’re using Plex, I can change the certification country (e.g. change it to Hong Kong)

Is there a similar function in for Infuse when connecting to NAS?
I see this mentioned in the changelog but don’t know where to edit

Infuse relies on TMDB for movie and TV show ratings, and the ratings shown in Infuse will match the metadata language you have set in the app.

By default the metadata language will match the language your device is set to, but you can override this by adjusting the Metadata option in Infuse > Settings > Language.

Thank you James, can I suggest adding this function (copied from Plex)?
I prefer to read everything in English but since I’m from Hong Kong I prefer to have the ratings based in Hong Kong - Plex has this option to separately choose the country rating:

I.e. Separate metadata language and the age rating

Done. :wink:

Wow thank you, I can’t wait to see it implemented!

It may take a while, there are numerous suggestions in the works and more in the suggestions area that are well liked. You can follow what’s currently in the shortlist here.