Separate Landscape Artwork and Fanart Background

There are three distinct types of artwork that should be handled separately by a media library app: Poster, Landscape, and Fanart (background). Currently Infuse combines Landscape and Fanart and only utilizes a single image (Fanart) for both the background of the detail screen and the thumbnail image on landscape views such as Up Next. Please add handling for landscape images and only use fanart as the background on the detail page.

The primary reason for this is that it’s preferable to use an image containing the title for the landscape views (basically a wide version of the poster) so that the item is easily recognizable. Whereas you want the background image on the detail page (fanart) to only be an image and not contain the title because Infuse overlays the logo on top of the fanart image. If the fanart image includes the title, then the logo on top of it creates an ugly duplication of the title. So please separate these and allow pulling the landscape image from TMDB and custom image with ‘xxx-landscape.jpg’ for the landscape views.

I also would love to see some of the other related suggestions implemented:

  • Ability to choose Poster view for Up Next
  • Ability to select Poster/Landscape/Fanart artwork from a list from TMDB



Agreed for the first part

Where in the UI would you want to see the Landscape images? Would you want them replacing posters? In which views?

I want ability to HIDE the Up Next entirely (only on the Infuse Home Screen) while KEEPING it visible and accessible on the AppleTV Home Screen (if Infuse is Top-Rowed).

I use the AppleTV Up Next to enter the app sometimes; once I’m in the app, I no longer need it because anything I would be selecting I could have already chosen previously; and the poster-utilizing custom Recently Added lists do the job more efficiently.

But until they do that; I’d also prefer the Infuse Home Screen Up Next list to displays posters instead of fanart (or landscape images, for that matter).

The Up Next rows utilizes landscape view. Currently, there’s no option to change that to a different viewtype, such as poster. But regardless, a media server should handle poster, landscape and fanart separately.

Yup; that’s the only place I’ve encountered that; I’d prefer poster, but I can see how landscape logo art would be better there, if sticking with wide images.

You wouldn’t want them switching up the featured-fanart they color genre, release-year decade, and other buttons with however. Never want to go with text under text.