Separate HD Movie and 4K Movie Library

I am using Infuse reading my Plex server which is stored on a Synology NAS. On my Plex server I have different libraries set up for 720/1080 movies and 4K movies with collections and cover art I have picked, the whole 9 yards of customization. When I use the movie library view on Infuse to see all of the collections I have made, I see both the hd and 4k libraries together. If I add the movies and 4k movies to the home screen through the favorites option, I lose all of the my collections. Can I see both library collections separately somehow in Infuse?

Yeah - you need to create a folder for normal movies and a separate folder for 4K movies snd then add them to infuse - Plex still does not allow you to customise your folders as well as infuse does as it just lumps all movies together

In Plex I just created a different Movie Library and Named it 4K Movies. They are in separate folders on my NAS and are shown as different libraries within Plex, completely separate from on another. From what I can tell, Infuse is grouping both of the libraries into one big Movie Library. I can add the 2 different folders to Infuse as favorites to see them separately, but I lose the sort names for the movies and the collections when I view them that way.

It’s one of the drawbacks of Plex I’m afraid … you can only do it in infuse/favorites - anyway - y use Plex if u have infuse ? Stick to infuse on ATV and Plex on iPhone or iPad if u have to

I use Plex because, in my opinion, it is better for metadata. It is easier to change artwork, make collections, and change sort titles. And honestly using Infuse before I had two different movie libraries in Plex was perfect, but when I got my new 4K OLED, I started collecting 4K remuxes, and I had to make a different library for those movies, because I don’t want to share those with people outside of my network due to transcoding issues.

Funnily enough I agree with you - but in my case I got so angry with Plex in capability to make custom folders and libraries that I migrated to Infuse - s as no forsake slightly inferior metadata for proper libraries collections etc. I currently run 4,000 movies snd 50,000 separate tv episodes just on infuse and NO complaints. If only Plex allowed you to have a mix of tv and movies in one folder and allowed folders within folders then it would be perfect / but it’s not. Infuse is ! Do Sorry but the only way you can do it is to put you 4K in a folder snd make it a favorite folder - only visible inside your own network - your problem is caused by Plex not infuse :frowning:

Is there a way for me to add a sort title inside of the Infuse folder structure like you are recommending? That is really the only thing that bugs the mess out of me about using the folders as you described.

Nope :frowning:
Sorry only way is a separate folder called 4K which of course also works in Plex as a configured folder which you will name 4k