sending file via ftp to multiple atv's

I have two atv's, one inside my home on my network and one outside my home in my rv. I can send files successfully to the external hardrive on my atv inside my home  but cannot get cyberduck to connect to the external hardrive on my atv in my rv. my computer does connect to the atv outside, i can see it in itunes, help.

By default each AppleTV will have the same 'hostname' which can cause issues like this when attempting to connect via FTP.

This can be resolved in one of two ways.

  1. Use the AppleTV IP address (visible on the AppleTV in Settings --> General --> Network) in place of AppleTV.local.
  2. Change one of the AppleTV's hostname in nitoTV --> Settings --> General. Change this from AppleTV to AppleTV2 or whatever you want.  When connecting, just add '.local' to the end of the name you chose to connect.  Note: A restart of the AppleTV will be required for the settings to take effect.