Send WOL Packet each time Media is called for

As far as I can tell from my own investigation the WOL packet is only sent when you open Infuse, in some cases the power saving settings on your fileserver may result in the your server going to sleep whilst you are watching content, content continues to play fine as it is cached by Infuse, if this happens Infuse will not wake the fileserver until you close Infuse Completely and Reopen it.

I would love that if you have WOL configured that it sends this packet not only when you open Infuse but also when you click play on a media item. This means you can set a super power saving policy on your server but if it goes to sleep before you watch the next episode or media file…Infuse wake it back up again when you watch something else…otherwise you have to close Infuse completely and re-open it.

Can’t be too hard to implement considering how well made the software already is!

Thank you!


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