Selling FC for ATV 1 Silver under false pretense

I purchased FC for my AppleTV 1 Silver with the information given on your website today that your product was for my system. No where does it mention that there wouldn’t any longer be updates after Eden, in fact it says that downloads come with the latest updates. what am I to do now after I have paid for your product?

Same here. I just bought ATV flash too

I have to pay for remote Hd if I wish to airplay from my ipad and xmbc is a joke.
It even tells you it’s out of date.

What was the point in me paying $30 for something that just enables me to basically watch movies off my USB sticks. Most TVs have that

Really disappointed.

Plus a lot of these threads go un-answered

Use Crystalbuntu or Openelec instead now, both are updated to Gotham 13.2

Silver basically jb’s the apple tv but wont install any higher than Eden.

However Ive found that the ATV1 is starting to slow down a bit on the newer versions especially trying to handle the larger files.

Go to android is my advice.

Currently running an ATV1 with the old aTV Flash (silver). Would love to upgrade but want to know if I need to know if the install deletes everything, and if I should backup and reinstall

Have you paid for ATV flash silver? or the new XBMC version?
Basically the new XBMC version wipes everything that is on the internal drive and loads directly into XBMC.

IF I were you Id ask for money back and use something free like Crystalbuntu or openelec.

Seeing as the ATV and ATV2 is going to be phased out by Kodi developers for future use you might as well look for something new anyway