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and first of all a big thank you for the great app you have created.

I have some single files which I like to merge to a TV Show (Judo) with several seasons. My idea was to group the content based on their subject e.g. in Season 1 contain all Ne-waza techniques, Season 2 Throws etc.

-Season 1
–Juji-jime (judo.s01e01.Jujijime)
–Hiza-gatame (judo.s01e02.Hizagatame)
-Season 2
–Seoi-nage (judo.s02e01.seoinage)
–Tai-otoshi (judo.s02e02.taiotoshi)

Infuse creates a record for each file but instead of grouping the episodes in seasons, the records looks like more then different movies. I’ve already tried to create an xml or an info file (based on the sample) but without success. Is there a specific tag for creating tv shows?

thanks for any suggestions

In this case, you’d need to name the files so they have a consistent series name - though you can include anything you want after the season/episode number.



You can then use XML and JPG/PNG files to override the info shown in Infuse. More info on this can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Hi James

thats the way I did - I can see the different tag contents and assigned different kind of covers. However, the most important feature, the grouping, is not working. I have the impression that infuse identifies the episode(s) as movie instead of tv-show.

Hi :slight_smile:

Infuse currently can’t group files/folders together to a “Custom” TV-Show :-/
The XML-Tag media type=“TV Show“ unfortunately don’t work to create a custom-show…

Currently the only way/workaround for this is to create a TV-Show online at!

After you created your missing TV-Show online, Infuse match the name and shows it as TV-Show…
Then you can use also your custom XML and Artwork :slight_smile:

so, is there any fix plan from firecore about this issue? lots of tv shows from my country are not allowed to create in

Thanks to Christian1979 for the workaround. But the fanart for the TV Show does not work (I’ve used folder.png or folder.jpg, episodefilename.jpg, season 1-poster.jpg (do I have to use staffel 2-poster with German settings?) , fanart.png). So I created a TV-Show and created an xml file with all the (un)supported information, refreshed the information. However, the only fanart that works is for a single episode (episodefilename.jpg). There is either a Poster in the library nor an fanart for a season. Meanwhile tvdb has deleted my created tv show so I’m unable make further updates.

Here is a screenshot which data-structure you have to use :slight_smile:

Maybe you have to delete/refresh the Metadata to show the new Fanart-Background correctly :wink:

I know, I have had also very big problems with!
They delete entries etc…

But for now, you can do an “uncommonly” Workaround:
Name your show (which get deleted from to another name of a show which is already online…
So it will match with an online show! (Don’t matter which Show you use)

After that you can use XML-Files to change the Series Name, Episode-Title, Poster, Fanart etc :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really strange way, but the only working “workaround” currently… :wink:

Hey Christian, thanks for the description. It almost works - So far I’m struggling in changing the name of the TV Show. Is there an XML tag that I can use? So far I see “A Kind of Magic” instead of “Judo”

Hey :slight_smile:

Here you can download a sample XML-File for TV-Shows:

I think the Tag seriesname is the one, which change the name of the TV-Show :slight_smile:

Thanks… I have a similar xml file but the tag is not working :frowning: I’ve attached my XML file as TXT due to upload limitation). There are some other tag which were not supported by Infuse. However, any other ideas?

kodokan.s01e01.nage-no-kata.xml_.txt (3.04 KB)

I have done some more testing…
Unfortunately the Series Name in Library always show the Online-Name (not the seriesname in XML) ?

That means there is currently no other workaround in Infuse for this… (if the series-entry is deleted from… ?

Firecore must implement an Option to create own TV-Shows…

The following workaround has worked for me

I use the following approach for own created, unregistered, deleted, rejected or inappropriate TV Shows.

1. Preparation
Kodokan (folder with the name of TV Show - can be an own created show as well)

Season (reminder: each season has his own folder!)
Kodokan.S01E01.NageNoKata.mp4 (TVShow.S##E##.Episodename.ext)


*xml and png file based on Firecore’s Metadata Guide 101

2. Structure - organising files
season 1-poster.png [file]
poster.png [file]
fanart.png [file]
-Season 1 [folder]
–kodokan.s01e01.NageNoKata.ext [file]
–kodokan.s01e01.NageNoKata.xml [file]
–kodokan.s01e01.NageNoKata-poster.png [file]
–kodokan.s01e01.NageNoKata-fanart.png [file]

3. TheTVdb
once you have completed an episode, go the theTVdb and create your own show. It is sufficient to fill in the name (beware of spelling errors :wink: ) and a season.

4. Assign TV Show - organising files
After some minutes, the record is created and you can assign your episode to the newly created show by editing your episode. Its enough to assign one episode.
In some cases you have to refresh the data from the xml again by editing the episode an choosing the xml file as data source.

Move the other files into the season folders, refresh the library and Infuse will do the rest automatically- assign all other episodes and seasons.

I hope that Firecore will implement soon an xml tag to override the name of the TVShow so we can use either any entry of the TVdb to avoid unnecessary entries and reduce the work of their mods or made the step unnecessary. Special thanks to Christian1979

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