Selecting watched/unwatched after install

I recently installed infuse. I have a lot of movies and tv shows with more of them already watched then unwatched. Is there a easy way to select all as watched? This would be easier than going through 300+ files one at a time.


Make sure to use to mark as all watched so you don’t have to do it again in the future.

I asked the same on 24 May (“Mass update of watched history”). Got the response shown below. I asked him to clarify but no response… Cant make it work and have given up.

The quickest way may be to login to trakt on the Apple TV, then use the website to mark things as watched. Infuse will then use trakt to keep all your devices in sync going forward, even if you need to re-install Infuse at some point down the road.

Thanks for the info

There is no easy way to do all of them. If you just use trakt’s website you can also mark if you own the movie or show and also give it a rating.