Selecting Multiple Titles

There appears to be a way to select multiple titles in infuse. But from what I can tell, I am unable as the option is grayed out. Ideally, I would like to select multiple titles within my library to copy over to a playlist. As of right now however, I am resorting to selecting a playlist to send a single title to one at a time.

Any assistance of answer to this problem is greatly appreciated.


Here see:

I am trying to create my playlists, but it is a really slow process adding one by one. I see that there is a “select” option on the menu, but it is gray out and I can’t find a way to make multiple selections.

Would be nice to be able to multi select to add to playlists, or delete titles or download titles.


I moved your post to a currently running thread for this suggestion.

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Hey! Congratulations on the 7.0 release. The beta program went great!

is there a way to select multiple files at once to the same playlist? I’ve been adding them one by one.

All the best

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