Selecting a NAS DS1817+ 4K Streaming


I’ve purchased a new 4K ATV and the latest version of infuse. Streaming 4K over my network from my pc through windows homegroup has been fine but I’m looking at purchasing a new NAS to expand my storage capabilities. I’m looking at the Synology DS1817+ but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t support 4K transcoding.

I just wanted to confirm that infuse uses the ATV to transcode rather than the NAS? If this is the case I’m sure it should be able to transfer the 4K video files with no issue since it has gigabit ethernet ports.


I am using an old NAS 1813+, there is no problem of playing 4K video with infuse.


The Synology S1817+ does no transcode of 4k and neither does Infuse… Infuse on the ATV4k just READ every 4k Content… so you have the original quality of your content.

Infuse just need to read the content from your NAS, so the NAS just need to provide the data (good read rate) and that’s all.
The DS1817+ is perfect for that, I have a 1815+

I have an 1817+ myself, and it works great! :slight_smile:

Today I just tried NFS with My 1813+ , wow, the speed is very impressive , Infuse is much much better than I expected.

I ordered a DS1817+ today !


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Should I use BTRFS or EXT4 for my DS1817+? What do you guys use?

Use case will be storage of MKVs and maybe Time Machine.

Hoping to get some guidance on what to purchase for my needs as its information overload on many sites.

Here is what I would like to do with my NAS:

  1. Plex Media Server. I would be watching 4k HDR content on latest Apple TV connecting via ethernet in my home with the ability to stream over wifi/cellular to my phone/ipad/macbook at 1080 (4k would be nice if it can) I would assume at most consumption would be 2 apple tv’s streaming 4k hdr with 2 devices streaming of wireless.
    2.Run 2 windows 10 VM’s and one ubantu VM
    3.Use as TimeMachine backup solution for 2-6 Apple computers

I’m trying to see what solution would be best. I would like to know if a NAS could handle this completely for me or if i would need to do a combo of home MAC server with a NAS storage.

Any thoughts?

Bonus points. I am currently using latest Apple Airport Extreme router. No need to upgrade right now but any suggestions on mesh wireless options that you have had good results with?

Can you guys help me understand the network speeds needed for Infuse to “stream” the mkv files from my NAS to Apple TV? If I have 10/100Base-T Ethernet router, is it enough for playing 4k videos over my network from NAS to Apple TV? Or, I need to have faster 1 gigabit network/router.

The one thing I would like to point is that today I tried to play 4k video, on my Apple TV 4th gen (not 4K), just to see how infuse will handle it, and if my network can supply the Infuse with picture, and oh man, it did not played well. Is it because of the network, or Apple Tv 4th gen is just not capapble of playing 4k?


I am using WD MyCloud, low voltage, low power, fanless NAS
both ATV4K and NAS are hard wired to Router gigabit port.
Infuse plays Blue-ray ISO image via NFS, starts playing in 3 seconds, no buffering at all.
NAS isn’t even warm during the play.

I suggest you connect via NFS even you have Synology, Plex transcoding on the fly always causes high CPU load, heat and fan noise.

ATV4’s CPU is not capable of decoding 4K content, and it only has 100Mbps ethernet port.

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Unfortunately the Apple TV 4 will not support most 4K videos. Sorry.

You think 10/100Base-T Ethernet is not enought for 4k videos? Should I invest in a new 1 gigabit ethernet switch, and connect NAS and Apple TV to it? If I do it that way, there is no need for modem/router change? bcs It is just providing internet access, bit devices in the network will communicate at faster speeds through that new 1 gbit switch?

I already ordered new Apple TV 4k, should arrive tomorrow, but now I am worried if my network needs to be upgraded also for 4k videos to work. Shoul I do it, or you think I will be good with my “old” 10/100Base-T Ethernet infrastructure?

It will depend on the type of 4K content you are playing, but since the UHD Blu-ray spec calls for a max total bitrate (video + audio) of around 140 Mbps, a 100 Mbps connection will simply not be fast enough for some 4K content.

Thanks for the help James, I will buy a new 1gb switch tomorrow and install it with new Apple TV. I’ll connect NAS and A TV 4k to it, and hope for the best :slight_smile:

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