"selected video could not be played" message when streaming bbc iplayer from iPhone to 1st Gen ATV

Hi all,

I hoe you can help me with my first ATV problem.

I’m trying to stream from the BBC iPlayer app on my iPhone 4, to my jailbroken 1st Gen ATV. I have the “Remote HD” programme installed on my ATV so audio and video streaming from my iphone should be possible. Streaming audio works flawlessly via all my audio apps (including BBC iPlayer) but when it comes to streaming video, it’s a lot more hit and miss. I can’t get any video from iPlayer to stream to my ATV and constantly get the message"The selected video could not be played. The format was not recognised".

I also get this message for 30-40% of Youtube clips

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Does a solution exist?


If anyone can help with this, I would be very grateful :slight_smile:




Anyone experienced this before?

Have a look at this link for a discussion on the limitations of ATV 1: http://www.stmlabs.com/projects/crystalhd-for-appletv/

I get the same message trying to view certain podcasts, which I assume are in formats the stock ATV 1 isnʻt up to playing. Iʻm not recommending the stmlabs solution because I havenʻt tried it and donʻt know if iTunes access (or anything else) is lost with the OS upgrade/replacement. I have purchased a CrystalHD card and will install it soon as I get some time to do so. This upgrade eliminates the WiFi card which inhabits the lone slot the CrystalHD needs to operate. After upgrading a wired ethernet connection is required.

The Remote HD hack is just a workaround, not a solution to have full airplay capabilities on ATV1. It isn’t built to cope with full streaming from iOS devices. It was never intended to work that way and ATV flash isn’t a pro tool so thats the best you can hope for.

I do not agree with this answer.

Remote HD says “add AirPlay to your old Apple TV” and it works great with different videos. So as a customer I’m not happy. I think there a problem with Remote HD and/or aTV Flash and I hope that someone find a solution.

Take your beef to the Remote HD developers if that’s what they’re claiming (support@remotehd.com), Firecore don’t advertise this as a feature. 

Look, the ATV1 runs on a cut down version of OS X 10.4 Tiger, a 7 year old OS, you can’t expect it to handle modern day tasks. Nowhere on the firecore website does it advertise airplay capabilities for the first generation ATV, so you can’t be dissatisfied, it isn’t a feature. Your ATV wasn’t design to do what you would like it to do and the ATV Flash patch gives you capabilities you couldn’t get before, not every single capability but enough. The patch you have bought gives you so much more than the stock standard ATV. You have what you paid for, why expect more? Just accept the limitations and be happy, or go out and buy a ATV2.

On the other hand, and not disagreeing with you, but watching Aljazzera live via XBMC over my wireless network is perfectly fine. So it may be a software or wireless issue. And no, I’ve not installed the CrystalHD card yet.