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A suggestion about customization options…have the opportunity to choose his poster collection, because sometimes the one that is displayed is not the best choice.

kodi allows it and zidoo with their new HT 2.0 (they use themoviedb for their scrap) does it too, and Zappiti, etc…

A screenshot of Zidoo HT 2.0 interface to choose his poster collection

And here is an example of why it is very useful to be able to choose our poster collection

Infuse PRO chosen and displays this poster for the collection ‘’ Le gendarme a St Tropez ‘’, and it is not the best choice …Zidoo HT 2.0 makes the same choice, but we can change it (see below) :

It would be possible to implement this option or not ?

Thanks in advance



Whilst we currently don’t have the ability to assign custom collection posters (as suggested elsewhere), would it be possible to give an option to browse the ones available on TMDB via the UI.

Currently we are stuck with the first available one and I just feel this would take collections in Infuse to the next level.

Thanks for considering.


Hi @Hitsville ,

as you can see in the upcoming features (see here) customizable collections will be available with the next updates in the next few days/weeks. I hope we will have better possibilites then.

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The only answer I can find is from 2018 when it wasn’t possible. Is there still no way to override the artwork for a TMDB collection?

I moved your post to that thread that is in the suggestions area. It may have started in 18 but it’s been added to and is an active suggestion.

As @strwht said above, since there is now a way to create collections maybe this will gain some traction.

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Unfortunately you can’t change the poster for a (custom) collection…