Select image for genres folders


I want to know if is possible to select the image that is shown as icon of every genre folder on the home screen. Now I think the image is randomly selected from all the movies in each genre, but what I want is to choose what image is shown as the genre icon.


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See if this user guide may help do what you want. Adding Custom Favorite Artwork (tvOS) – Firecore

Thanks so much, but this is not what I need. I know to use custom artwork for favorites, what I need is to use custom artwork for genre icons. When I select in library to show genres, in the home screen appears a series of icons for “Action” “Drama” “Comedy”… an in those icons appears as artwork the background image of one of the movies of this genre randomly, I want to decide what image is shown as artwork for each genre. Thanks

Now I understand what you’re asking! I was thinking you were adding the individual genres as favorites and then you can select what ever artwork you want for that genre in favorites. When you choose Genres and display as list it gives each one a movie background with the name of the genre. I hadn’t used this feature before but now I see what you mean. Interesting that when you do long press on one in the list, it gives you the option to “Refresh Artwork” and it changes the colors of the picture displayed but it doesn’t let you change it.

When one of the Firecore folks runs across this thread maybe they could chime in if there’s any way to select the artwork.

Thanks for teaching an ol dog another new trick. :wink:

Thanks my friend! hope anybody could let us to see the light in this.

I believe the artwork is sourced from fanart of the highest rated movie within that genre. It is not changeable within Infuse. It is likely sourced from the highest rated fanart picture for that movie on TMDB.

This is correct.

Infuse will use the fanart of the top rated item in a particular genre as the genre category artwork, and it is possible to add your own artwork with with a few extra steps.

  1. Decide which video you want to have as the genre artwork. If you’re happy with the fanart for that video, skip to step 3.
  2. (optional) Add your own fanart by following the steps found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore
    2a. (optional) Use the Edit option in Infuse to refresh the metadata, and ensure your fanart is present.
  3. Ensure you are logged into Trakt in Infuse, and rate the video (ensure it’s the highest rated video in the genre…you can lower this rating later, if needed)
  4. Navigate back to the Infuse home screen, and long-press on the genre icon to refresh artwork.

Thanks a lot! I will try this.