Select another poster

Hi all

Got myself an Apple TV for Christmas.
Have to say that, in my opinion, what makes it really great for me, is Infuse.
I use it as a replacement for my older wdtv live and it just works flawlessly.

One thing that annoys me a bit is the movie art/posters allthough only for a few movies.
I have named all my movies (on my qnap) so that infuse finds all info automatically.
I don’t use embedded info on the files.

But an option to change the movie art/poster for a movie I cannot find.
I guess Infuse is picking up info and poster from
And here I have checked the different posters so I know there more available.

An example, is that I also own a android device (galaxy tab s2) with an app named Archos video player.
Her I have an option to change poster on movies and it will list all other available poster on a given movie from the movie db.

Of course it’s not the end of the world here for an app like infuse that works so great for me.

But does anyone here know if it’s possible without using embedded data in my mkv files.

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