Select alternate season order from TheTVDb

So, I have this series (La Casa De Papel) and it’s been a huge discussion throughout the interwebz on how the season numbering goes. Both the metadata suppliers for Infuse sticks to their gun that the first time it is aired is the one that will be listed, but with this show there is some problems forthcoming.

Antenna 3 broadcasted it first, so the Spanish channel got the data. After broadcasting they sold it to Netflix and Netfilx edited it so the single season became two seasons of more episodes with shorter durations per episode. Now there is season 3… Oops, is it season 2 in original order? Or is it season 3? And if so, what happened to season 2?

TVDB overcame this by adding a “choice of airing dates”: Antenna 3 or Netflix? Obviously the latter is my choice, but how do I tell Infusse to go for Netflix and leave the Antenna 3 airing dates alone?

With shows having the same name you add the year as in “Battlestar Galactica (1978)”, can I rename this show to “La Casa de Papel (Netflix)”?

Update: Trakt calls it “Money Heist (Netflix)”.


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