Select a default Quality to use if multiple versions are present


It would be awesome if there was a setting where per device you could select a preferred video quality in case there are multiple versions of a file available. For Example, if i have both the 4k version, the 1080p version and 720p version of a Movie (or TV-Show) it would be cool if I could set my iPhone to always choose the 720p version on cellular data and the 1080p version on wifi, whilst having my Apple TV use the 4k version by default.

An advanced version would also be if you could set an order of priority for each device / network connection. So that for iPhone cellular it would first choose 720p if available, then 1080p or if nothing else is available 4k.

The advanced version would be really nice to have but already the basic version would be great! :slight_smile:

Thanks for building / maintaining an amazing app! Infuse Team :tada:

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