Seen without folders ?

I just upgraded to version 5, but I still have this worry: I play my videos from a networked external hard drive, but the folders always appear (instead of viewing the series and seasons directly).
So if I download them directly on my iPad everything appears as I would like.
Would it not be possible to unify the views?

(In the folder “TV Series” I have each series in a folder, you have to click on the folder to post the series correctly displayed)


Do any of these folders have multiple seasons?

In my hard drive, each tv series to its file and each tv series to its file. For it to work properly I would have to put all the files at the root (or in a single folder) but it would not be practical!


I have same issue. some tvshow can’t get art cover.
and Can you add feature to tap tvshow direct pop series view and can select season?