Seeking Thumbnails vs Plex

I just noticed that Plex is adding or working on improvements to the feature that shows thumbnails when you FF or REW. Thats always been one of my favorite Infuse features. I was wondering why Plex requires that I turn that feature on in the server (and it warns about it being very processor-intensive) while Infuse offers the feature by default. Does Infuse do it differently than Plex? Are they both processor intensive?


Plex uses a process where it pre-generates the thumbnails and store them on your server so they are available during playback. This means you may end up storing thousands and thousands of thumbnail images on your Plex server.

Infuse generates these on the fly during playback, and requires no storage.

Thanks! I don’t realize how much I like that feature until i don’t see the thumbnails… and then realize I forgot to switch over to Infuse :).

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