Seek time

I am using Infuse Pro with an iPad and playing media over an SMB share. When comparing seek time with for example FileExplorer its much faster there. Why is that? Can you work on improving the seek time?

Otherwise I love the app!

Infuse includes a variable speed seek option. To use this, simply tap-hold and drag left/right on the screen to seek forward or back. The further you drag, the longer the seek.

Of course, you can also tap/drag the dot on the scrubber bar to select a particular part of the video to jump to.

I mean the time it takes for the video to load when you move to a new position in the clip. That is much faster on for example FileExplorer. Why is that?

Any update on this? When I mean seek time I am referring to when I drag on the timeline in a movie and the time it takes to start playing at that position.

I still think this is very annoying. I tested with Infuse 5 and it is still very slow comparing to other players like FileExplorer and PlayerXtreme etc.

I downloaded some video files from the SMB share to my iPad local storage in the Infuse app. The seek time is very slow on the local files so clearly this is not an SMB issue. Can you investigate this?

I think it became slower after I upgraded to iOS 11.3.

Which version of Infuse are you using?

A number of fixes for 11.3 were added a few weeks ago in 5.6.10.

I use 4.3.7 but I also tested with 5.6.10. Please compare with for example PlayerXtreme so you can see the difference in the time it takes to start a video or seek time. For me this really annoying because I really want to use Infuse because I think its the best media player for the iPad. If this will be fixed I will happily upgrade to Infuse 5 Pro.

Is this happening with all files or just a few?

Are you seeing any difference when using v5 compared to v4?