See infuse movies from the TV app.

I am not sure of Apple’s policy on this topic. As a developer, you may have more weight to make this suggestion to Apple. Say for instance I am browsing content on the Apple TV app on the Apple TV or iPad. I find a movie I would like to watch. Most of the time it gives me a choice. Do you want to watch from iTunes? Hulu? Or Prime? the thought occurred to me that I have movies on my InFuse server. Can we add InFuse to the choices?
Before renting or purchasing the movie, I may already have the movie on my personal server. I would hate to spend money unless I already have the movie. Is there a way for the Apple TV app to crawl over my Infuse movies? Then give me the choice to watch it on InFuse rather than purchasing from a service? Right now, I have to stop searching, go to InFuse then look up my movie. It would be much easier to have all in one place.


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