See average rating even after a user rates it

Sometimes I rate things on accident and there’s no way to remove a rating which is fine but then I can’t see the average rating from other users once I mark mine.

Maybe, once rated, it could look like this: 7.0 :star: (Avg: 6.5 :star:)

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Each to their own, as personally I would prefer to never see a rating anywhere other than my own. I would be pretty upset if I suddenly see other ratings appear again after I have personally rated it.

For some reason, I really like seeing how my rating compares with the average rating. But this could easily be a preference “Always Show Average Rating” - On or Off, for people that would only want to see their own.

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Honestly I mostly have no interest in seeing what others think of my favourite movies… that said the exception would be in the way Plex does it with RT and Metacritic. I do admit to enjoy looking at how a movie is panned by the critics and loved by the audience (or vice-versa.)
But I have always believed (possibly wrongly) that the Infuse ratings comes from tmdb.
To me they represent nothing significant.

I thought it was sourced from Trakt and that our personal rating got added to Trakt as well but since it’s not I’ll see if there’s an option for that.

I would also love what you suggested, seeing average user rating and average critic rating. I find that invaluable on Plex. I’ll look for a post asking for this data and vote on it.

Btw, mods, this suggestion is a duplicate of User Star Rating vs. Trakt Rating which I voted for so you can move this topic over to that one.