secret to getting USB drives to work

After experimenting for three hours I think I have the methid to get an external USB drive to work.

  1. Format the drive as an apple drive HFS+ system (not NTFS). There is a tool to do this under windows, free for a few days.

  2. change drive used from INTERNAL to EXTERNAL

  3. The ITUNES directory structure is set up immediately.

  4. Switch back to INTERNAL

seems to work.

and another note

  1. You have to have synced ITUNES at least once with the internal drive, and you have to have transfered at least one movie. Somehow files structures and references are set up correctly within the internal drive, if you do this.

  2. Always remember to switch back to the internal drive after success.
    This is a real PITA way for this functionality, but it will work.

For all future iTunes purchases (whether from my MB or ATV)... will these still default download to the ATV hard drive?

All synced media and purchases will be stored on the external drive only if it's been setup for primary storage. More info on doing this can be seen here: