Second Case of Wrong Branching w? ISO File

Over a year ago, I reported that the ISO of DejaVu incorrectly branched over to the Director’s Commentary at 5:15 into the film and would not switch back. I never received any answer to this issue other than “maybe the next version will fix it.” It did not.

Last night I discovered that Inception now has the same issue, shifting to the Director’s Commentary at about 3 minutes in. Both are DVDFab backups of BluRay disks.

Is there any way to get these guys to try to fix this? The first episode left me feeling that they really could care less, though they were happy to take my renewal money two weeks ago.

Trying to look at your history, what user name did you use then?

EDIT to add: Is it possible that this is occurring at a chapter change? Is it consistent in time?

Could you post the complete text mediainfo here?

I didn’t report it in the community forum, but rather directly to support with a resulting ticket. After about 3 months, I got a nice little automated email saying that since nothing had been heard from me, they would consider the matter fixed and the ticket closed. When I complained that in fact zero had been done I was told ok, the ticket will be kept open and maybe the next version will fix it. That’ the sum total of the “support” I’ve received.

Could be a chapter change, it is reproducible on both movies down to the second.

I’ll post the media info later, when I get home. I would note that I have over 400 ISOs made in exactly the same way and both movies have in the past played without an issue.

Just out of curiosity, do these files play correctly in another player like VLC?

Most players, like VLC, do not read *.iso files. This is why I pay for an Infuse subscription. This failure to play these two files is a change in behavior by Infuse.

The reason I asked about a different player was to rule out the possibility of file corruption or a setting in the back up software that wasn’t a factor in the past may have become pertinent.

Not saying it isn’t an Infuse issue, just trying to narrow down the possibilities.

If I mount the iso on my Windows laptop, it plays without a hitch.

If I re-rip using DVDFab, it fails at exactly the same point.

If I use MakeMKV to create a backup, I get a folder structure that contains the entire contents of the iso. This fails at exactly the same point as the DVDFab rip.

If I use DVDFab and create a “movie-only” mkv file without Director’s cut, etc, Infuse plays this file with no issue.

I repeat, this is a problem appearing on files that have previously played without issue on Infuse. I’m guessing an update created the issue, but since my Apple TV updates automatically I can’t track this.

Is it only these two files that exhibit this or is it all with a DC but not others?

The mediainfo may still be interesting to see in it’s entirety.

I understand your frustration but just remember that I can’t see what you’re seeing with everything so my only option to try and help is to ask questions to get the overall picture.

Media Info doesn’t read iso files.

I don’t know which of my movies have a Directors Commentary. I haven’t gone through and done an exhaustive check of the 400 or so I have. I’ll try to check a few this evening.

While playing, if you swipe down and go to the Audio tab can you select another sound track which is one which does not include the director’s commentary?

I tried that, also starting with a later chapter to skip the “bad branch.” Neither works. Essentially, past the bad branch point it only plays the non- movie stuff.