Seasons not combined always for cast

I’m seeing an issue or sometimes when I click on Cast it shows seasons together as a single item and other times it shows the seasons individually.

I haven’t seen this before, but I will give you the exact info so hopefully it can be reproduced (happens on tvOS and iOS):

I have selected this episode: His Dark Materials S03E06
Clicking on Dafne Keen shows the show His Dark Materials show poster and says 3 seasons below. When I click on Ruta Gedmintas it shows His Dark Materials Seasons 1, 2, 3 with individual season posters with the name of the season below the poster.

I think the likely answer here is that Keen is a series regular who appears in all 23 episodes, while Gedmintas is a guest star who only appears in 13 episodes across the three seasons.

Realizing the above probably isn’t the answer you were looking for …

I suspect actors who are series/season regulars get tagged per season rather than per episode; while guest stars are tagged per episode.

As to why multiple such guest appearances in a single season are combined into a single season entry, but aren’t combined into a single series entry if their guest appearances span multiple seasons (as is done with actors marked as series/season regulars) …

For that I don’t have the answer.

I checked on others shows as well to confirm. It seems if they are considered a series regular it would show you all the episodes so it doesn’t need a way to select a specific one. Guest stars show the individual episodes they are in.

That makes sense except infuse is still getting the season regulars wrong and is showing the same season regulars for each season even if they aren’t in it. @james please fix the season cast please.

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