seasonpass won't work on el capitan

Trying to jailbreak my apple tv 2 ios 5.3 with the last seasonpass on mac os x El Capitan with itunes I’m always getting “firmware restore failed” immediately after entering dfu mode. While trying to restore ios 5.0.2 saved firmware signatures it hangs on “executing iBec to bootstrap update”. In Windows XP (I run it in Parallels Desktop) seasonpass is trying to begin firmware installation but then shows pop-up “error entering DFU mode”. Any help please

Resolved. I installed mavericks to second partition and managed it on the first attempt.

me too as your problem…

I tried on other Macbook with Yosemite OSX, OS 5.3 + Jialbreak 0.96 → passed and no problem

Glad to hear it

A new beta that (should) work on OS X 10.11 can be found at the link below.