SeasonPass vs ATV Flash

When referring to SeasonPass and aTV Flash is that two different things?

My ATV (Black) is Jailbroken and is running Version 4.3, Apple Software and I downloaded aTV Flash 5.0.1.

What I am asking is this, am I running current versions of each software? I am pretty sure that Apple version 4.3 is not the latest, correct?

I tried to restore my ATV to the latest version of Apple TV but the restore failed… never even started.

Do I have to connect the ATV to my computer and restore from there?

What I want to do is;

  1. Restore to Apple Specs.

  2. Jailbreak the ATV.

  3. Install aTV Flash.

So after I restore the ATV to Apple standards, how do I Jailbreak the device? Using aTV Flash?

I’m confused… so thanks for any help.


SeaonPass is the (free) tool you use for jailbreaking the ATV2.

ATV Flash is a set of (chargeable) apps that can be added to the ATV2 after it has been successfully jailbroken.