seasonpass can not download firmware signature (4.4.4)

trying to jailbrak brand new apple tv 2   ver 4.4.4 for untethered jailbreak

to download starts but half way error :seasonpass has detected critical errors and can not continue please ensure no conflicting software is running and try again.

firewall disabled  antivirus disabled no software is running . my first time to experience this . i jailbrok more than 50 units in past .


i apreciate your time to help and share this matters .thx

probably your using windows…save you shsh blobs and use a mac to jb your apple tv. I hope this works for you

Marlon1982 is exactly right.  For some reason PC’s issue this error message – but only it seems for the various 4.x versions.

I usually use my PC to jailbreak, but this issue requires a PC to save the blobs, and a MAC to jailbreak.


I will look for Mac tomorrow .I thank you so much for this advise ,I will let u know the results thx .


if it’s a new apple tv out of the box(not referb post 3/2012) you are not going to jail break 4.4.4 so it will be a waste of time. no matter what machine you try it on itunes will give you a 1604 error and that’s it


just jail break it on 5.3 before apple stop signing it(if not already)

Er, incorrect, Robby.  I have just jailbroken my 30th brand new 4.4.4 straight out of the box.  The issue is caused by missing apticket on the older version of the 4.4.4 firmware.

Check the size of your blobs.  5.83KB - forget it - 11.8KB should work…

But I wouldn’t use Seas0npass for it.  I’d use iFaith and Snowbreeze…

Just to be patient with it and you can get your untethed jailbreak. I had the same issue for both 4.3 and 4.4.4, I was lucky enough to have a friend with MAC, then its history. Just be patient.

Not if the blob doesn’t come with an apticket.  You can with 4.3 but 4.4.4 is impossible without the apticket.  You just get endless 16xx errors.


I am calling you out. complete b.s. even with blobs with 11.8 kb you will get error 1604. if you mean out of the referb box then you are correct but if it’s a brand new apple tv b.s

4.4.4 was modified so you aren’t jb brand new apple tvs


Hey Ian, I had to edit and add this that I found.

here is your post from last month sept 24 to be exact:

Re: ATV2 4.4.4 Stuck HELP PLEASE!

I got a 4.4.4 today which only dumped 5.81Kb blobs. As Robby says, quite useless. 16XX errors. Waste of time.


so in less then a 3 weeks you now got 29 more apple tv’s with 4.4.4 b.s??? stop wasting people time when you know the crap you are posting is made up

thank you guys for your concern . i always jailbreak 4.4.4 using seasonpass  i just did couple days ago . this is the  first time that this happening brand new 4.4.4 just like the other i just jailbrok . it does not give me any error .like 1600 or 1604  what it says can not restore the firmware . or says the seasonpass experience critical error and can not proceed .   today i got macbook i did it using seasonpass same thing can not restore firmware . i will try ifaith and see and report to u guys .

Snowbreez could not do it either

By the way the blob is 11.8

This is insane I did all the 4.4.4. With no problem just a week ago

And all these 4.4.4 new stright from apple

I’m just thinking either apple stoped. The process or. Seasonpass has a problem

Or I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about hhh

Using window with season pass ipsw could not be complete at all
Using MacBook it did complete the process and when I entered dfu mode it said can not restore the firmware
These Apple TV I get them as replacement from apple stright from the brown ref box
The strange thing is that I do it all the time and just last week I have more than 4 I jAilbrok with no problem

Still pulling my hair

I have a 4.2.1 but dont know what to do :frowning:

I have 14 brand new in stock, robby.  I have jailbroken and sold 30 already.  All the new ones out of the box on 4.4.4 dump 11.8KB blobs with an apticket.  They all jailbreak in Snowbreeze.

Any 4.4.4 with a 5.81Kb or 5.83KB blob has a missing apticket and will not jailbreak with any tool.

I think you have a psychological attitude problem, robby.


If they are new referbished yes, but if they are the old ones that are new in the box pure b.s

They are the very last of the European 4.4.4s in original boxes, sealed with cellophane.

They dump blobs and aptickets.

They jailbreak in Sn0wbreeze.

I have no axe to grind.

You should have no issues.  After reading about this release last night, I went ahead and jailbroke both a 4.3 and a 4.2.1 using SP 9.3.  I had no extradordinary issues.  You will most like have to choose the 4.3 (8F455) option for it to work with 4.2.1.

This is where the problem is the seasonpass crash only when it gets to the last stage on downloading the firmware signatures.

Every step goes smooth till the point where it downloads the firmware signature fail

What that means I don’t know. You r the expert. Explain it thx
Again : the saved blobs is 11.8
I still have the operating system running in the Apple TV

I’m thinking something is wrong with the seasonpass software plz correct me

When using snowbreez. Restoring using itune it fail 1394 error

Guy if we respect the thread and not fight we may get to produce a solution
And plz if you got 4.2.1 or whatever plz open your own thread .
No hijacking for the benefit of the readers .

As of today I think the problem is with the softwares and not the Apple TV
If anyone jAilbrok today not yesterday not the day before ver 4.4.4 let us know


I kind of told you that three days ago, give it up and just jail break it on 5.3 before apple stop signing it and you are left with nothing.

If you choose not to stop asking the same questions over and over. it’s a software issue and you are not going to jail break it

I’m having the same problem trying to jailbreak a 4.4.4 atv. seas0npass raises a critical error when downloading firmware signatures. I have looked at the log file. Problem is seas0npass looks for a file In … .AppData\Local\Temp\Seas0nPass\IFAITH\ called iFaith.s5l8930x_Factory.bin but the file is not there there is however a file called s5l8930x_Factory.bin.
I’m running windows and have jailbroken Apple TV s before with no such problems.