SeasOnPass - iTunes error 21 Win764Pro

Hey guys!

I try to jailbreak Apple TV 2 (AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B206f_Restore.ipsw) using SeasOnPass on Windows 7 64Bit. After SeasOnPass switches to iTunes v10.6.1.7 and about 5 min. or so i can hear the USB (windows) device disconnect/connect sound and another few seconds later i get error 21. So error 21 means Apple TV is not or no longer in DFU mode, i guess this happens because it gets reconnected. I got two more PC around, one also running Win764 and one on WinXP Pro. Same results on the 2nd Win7 but no luck getting SeasOnPass to work on XP. I also tried another USB cable and port(s) but i always run into error 21 and the same point.

Looks like SeasOnPass is pretty much foolproof but i have no idea what i’m doing wrong here. Please help!

Try DFU mode with the power cable connected.