SeasOnPass 0.7.9

I am using a Mac running Snow Leopard. I am trying to J.B. ATV2 with software 4.4.2.  SeasOnPass version 0.7.9 will not let me select Boot Tethered. I already have the IPSW downloaded for 4.4.2. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


I now see others with macs are having same problem. Sorry for double post.

Details for using Seas0nPass to jailbreak 4.4.2 can be found here.

Thanks for the quick response, but I have read that info prior to my first post. My problem is that I am unable to access Boot Tethered in the SeasOnPass 0.7.9. By this I mean even though it looks as though I have two choices to click on in SeasOnPass, I am only able to click Create IPSW. Boot Tethered is a lighter shade of grey and will not let me click on it. Maybe I need to enable or disable something on my mac for it to work?

I have the same problem. Have you solved yours?

Have you actually run the create ipsw once?    You need to have done so on that machine before you can do a tethered boot.