Seasonpass 0.7.7 question!

What is the advantage of seasonpass 0.7.7 beside the lion mac os. What are the bugs fix?

Do I have to restore the original firmware from itune then jailbreak my atv2 with the new seasonpass?

I didn’t restore it to original before upgrading to seasonpass 0.7.7. I just jailbreak it with 0.7.7 following the seasonpass procedure and everything is fine. One thing I notice, I don’t know if that "handful of bugs fix "is related to the new seasonpass; however, xbmc seem more responsive now. Keep up the good work. For now, I am sitting here waiting for firecore to full supports dts, ac3 audio and flash player video for atv flash.


One thing I wish you guys can impletement is the same interface as “welo skin for xbmc” for the media player. If you can do that, dang it will be a sweet player :).