SeasonOnPass no longer working with windows

Can anyone help me please. I’m unable to use my Apple TV as seasonOnpass is sending the message that I need to check my internet connection and unable to retrieve firmware.
Can I do something about it. My firewall is turned off so it’s antivirus. I downloaded new version of season on pass on my daughters laptop and got the tame info. Please help me it was working fine for 2 years. Can’t understand what’s happen


I noticed this about a week ago as well. I thought it was my PC, but then I checked my laptop, and it was the same error. How do we go about rejailbreaking now?

I’m new to all this jailbreaking stuff but I just finished my jailbreak last night using season pass on a windows 7 pc. I was having the same issue with the first season pass I downloaded (I believe from firecore, but I could be wrong). It would open and give some error and was unusable. I downloaded it elsewhere but I cant remember where (simple search should get u fixed up) and then it worked no problem.

Sorry just double checked and the seasonpass that worked for me came from firecore…not I’ve included the link that will take u straight to the page and I just downloaded the 0.9.6 – file and that’s the one that worked. Good luck

Hil thanks so much for trying to solve my problem. I ended up with no using my Apple TV. I have a hope I can use it again now. I let you know if I was successful. I was even thinking of buying Mac book :slight_smile: that would be probably too much just to make old Apple TV play from stream …